212, 646 and 917 Area Codes

212 area code is a telephone area code in New York City. 212 was assigned to New York City in 1947 and it was the fastest area code you can dial using a rotary dial. As of right now, only the borough of Manhattan retains the 212 area code and it is also overlaid with 646 and 917 area codes. Due to it huge population, 718 and 347 area codes were also created to cover a few sections of New York City. Most cell phones are assigned with 917 and 646 area codes; some new cell phones are assigned the 347 area code.


Area code 212 is one of the most famous and most recognized area codes. Marble Hill, one of the Manhattan neighborhood, do not use the 212 area code and instead, it uses the 718/347 area code. It was geographically separated from Manhattan by the construction of the Harlem River Ship Canal in 1985 and was physically connected to the Bronx in 1914 when the by-passed segment of the Harlem River was filled in.

All Cities With 212, 646, and 917 Area Codes
New York, NY