206 Area Code

206 area code covers a section of the Seattle metro area from Des Moines to Shoreline. It includes Bainbridge, Mercer, and Vashon Islands. When it was first established, 206 served as the area code for the entire state of Washington. Area code 206 first split in 1995 and 260 area code was formed to cover the Eastern part of Washington. In 1995, area code 260 was split again and 360 area code was formed and was assigned the Western part of Washington. In 1997, 206 was split once again and 425 area code was assigned to the Eastside and northern suburds while 253 area code was assigned the Tacoma metro area and the southern suburds.
All Cities With 206 Area Code
Bainbridge Island, WA Burton, WA Mercer Island, WA
Rollingbay, WA Seahurst, WA Seattle, WA
Vashon, WA